What we do
Our customers are businesses and organizations

We work with modern training businesses, education organizations, corporate trainers, consultants and HR departments.

We provide cost-efficient SaaS for online and mobile training

Rukuku software-as-a-service is provided for free in its basic configuration. When you are ready, easily upgrade to our paid customized and white label solutions.

We design and produce interactive courses & training programs for companies that do not have internal media production capabilities.

Businesses succeed when they focus on what they do best. All great organizations have a continuous demand for quality internal training. Times have changed, and developing modern interactive training programs require significant new resources and new types of expertise such as digital course design, software development, video and audio editing, graphic design, illustration design, test design just to name a few. Instead of developing these media production capabilities inhouse, our customers wisely choose to avoid these distractions, and hire us. When our work is done, our customers receive a portfolio of high-quality, customizable interactive training programs. This portfolio is usually a seamless extension of their traditional training.

Our Software
Robust cloud-based Learning Management System

Our SaaS suite comprises two integrated products:
1) The Auditorium – a suite of tools for delivering live and asynchronous online training.
2) The Composer – a professional environment for authoring and customization of training programs.


The modular structure of the toolset in the Auditorium allows unparalled flexibility: structure your course, and organize discussions with Courseline, use our Chat or collaborate graphically in real time with the Mediaboard, hold live face-to-face group meetings or deliver webinars using our unique built-in web-conferencing - Powwow.


Manage and integrate all training materials in the Composer. Create interactive worksheets, schedule classes and combine classes into courses.

Web + mobile

Seamlessly move between web and mobile environments without compromising quality of the training experience.

Easy integration with Rukuku

Perfect for organizations who provide external training! Place Rukuku Storefront on your company's website, manage the Storefront to suit your goals, and monetize traffic to your site.


Sell your training programs online and on mobile devices.

Interactive Course Design
Expand traditional training programs to the web

Rukuku works to extend our customers' off-line training programs to the web and mobile channels. We strongly believe that training has to be done by humans, and we place human instructors in the core of our course designs. Since our incredibly interactive and flexible web and mobile tools eliminate the need to travel, instructors benefit from a better life style, and their employers enjoy immense cost savings.

Interactive course design and production

Interactive course design and production. Rukuku designs interactive courses based on customer input, then produces all building blocks for the courses. Our graphics designers, videographers, sound recordists, text editors and software engineers work together to deliver the final outcome. When we are done, our customer has a portfolio of easily customizable courses and a plethora of modules that can be easily customized, amended, edited and recombined into more training programs as needed.